Our Events

6TH-7TH DEC 2018


programmming can be fun,so can cyrptography however they should not be combined. This is a CODING EVENT where you will be the BEST among the REST. It is held in HACKEREARTH Platform.

6TH-7TH DEC 2018


Using your technological skill sets and your inquisitive mind, you,along with your team need to solve a problem statement which is based on a real-life scenario in the most efficient way.

7TH DEC 2018(10:00AM-11:00AM)


the Hour of Code is a global movement designed to generate excitement in young people about programming and technology.

14-15th September 2019

V-Ignite Hackathon

V-Ignite is a 24 hour long Hackathon. V-Ignite aims to provide a creative platform for all the creative minds to come together and build a solution that would positively impact the society at large and further the endeavour for innovation.